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Assistance Requirements

Service Center Guidelines

Meals With Love Application

Volunteer Application


  • Proof of Longview residency

  • Photo ID (for all persons in household 18 or over) 

  • Proof of income or assistance for entire household 

  • Social Security cards for all members of household

Food Assistance Program

LCM provides emergency food once monthly to families in need. Individuals requesting a food box at LCM must show proof of Longview residency and fill out a Food Form and USDA Form when they visit the Family Service Center.  All members of the household must be listed on the forms.  Food box recipients who are able to cook in their home may pick up a box of food once a month.  Homeless individuals and families may pick up 2 transient bags per month per household member. The goal of the food pantry is fighting hunger so we provide Outreach Bags to anyone in the community who would like to volunteer and give a bag of food to panhandlers, people living on the street or anyone who is unable to access LCM’s pantry.

Meals With Love

Nutritious meals are delivered daily to the elderly, disabled and shut-ins. Delivered hot, and fresh by a wonderful team of volunteers that provide personal contact, warm affirmation, and friendship.

Prescription Assistance

LCM may provide assistance for medication for an acute illness. Prescription assistance is limited to a maximum of $100 per household every two months. Attendance of LCM’s Medication Education class is required after a 2nd Rx assistance, in order receive continued Rx assistance. Rx assistance may resume after completion of required class. 

(No pain or mood altering medications.)​

Family Service Center

Utility Assistance

LCM offers financial assistance to help pay utilities for families in crisis. These funds are available to those who have a bill within five days of the due date or disconnect date. Utility assistance is provided with proof of payment for the remainder of bill with LCM paying the last portion of the bill. Assistance may be for electricity ($100 max), water ($50 max), gas ($50 max) and spaced at least two months apart. Utility assistance is limited to a maximum of 3 assists per utility (every 2 years), for a total of 9 utility assists in a lifetime. The bill must be presented, and must be in the name of the person requesting the assistance. Attendance of LCM’s financial management classes is required after the 2nd and 3rd utility assistance, in order to receive further financial assistance of any kind.

Rental Assistance 

Rental Assistance 

​Call the office for a date to come and pick up an application for rental assistance.  


 Call the office for a date to come and pick up an application for rental assistance.  Funding for emergency rental assistance is limited. Families must have LCM documentation completed before receiving rental application. LCM helps with a portion of rent, not the full amount. Families are eligible to for rent assistance once every 5 years.

The Family Service Center meets with each family who seeks assistance from Longview Community Ministries. Requests vary, but include: food, rent or mortgage, utilities, prescriptions, heaters, fans, dental extractions.   Volunteers work to identify families who qualify for LCM food and financial assistance programs. 

Additional Offerings

Dental Clinic

Each adult in a household may receive one dental extraction every two years at our monthly dental clinic. Proof of Longview residency, income, and completed intake paperwork are required for an appointment. 

Items such as steel toed boots, birth certificates, or other work related necessities may be provided with appropriate documentation from employers. Also, fans and heaters for elderly (65+) or disabled, and families with children 12 years or younger may be available every two years.

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