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Community Service

In Partnership with Gregg County Probation Office

Longview Community Ministries has collaborated with Gregg County Probation Office to offer community service hours in exchange for the collection and recycling of aluminum cans. Here are the details for this program:


  • 1 hour of community service for every 2 pounds of recycled cans

  • You must submit both your receipt showing the pounds and clearly stating “aluminum cans”

  • You must also submit a money order for the amount shown on the receipt. Cash is also acceptable if turned in directly to the office at Longview Community Ministries.


Note: This is ONLY for aluminum cans. You will not receive credit for any other metal recycling.


If you are needing community service for another county or local police dept, please check with your supervising officer to see if they will accept these hours.


Please direct any questions to Britt Norvell:

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