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Assistant Director of Food Services

Position Objective

The Assistant Director of Food Services will assist and support the Director of Food Services in the overall management of the Food Box program including College Connection.  In the absence of the Director of Food Services, the Asst. Director will assume the responsibilities and duties of that position.  He/She will work with the Food Box Manager and all volunteers to ensure that all clients are provided the appropriate food boxes in a courteous and nondiscriminatory manner.

Organizational Relationships

Reports to:  Director of Food Services and Executive Director

Supervises:  Food Box and College Connection Volunteers

Hours of Work

Monday through Friday: 7:30am until 11:30am


15 PTO days after probation period.  See Human Resource Manual for details and restrictions.

Holidays:  As Determined by LCM Executive Director

General Statement of Duties

  1. Maintain a clean driving record and report any needed maintenance of the box truck to the Director of Food Services and/or the Executive Director.

  2. Receive and maintain all health & food handling certifications (required by appropriate federal, state or local agency) and annual ETFB training necessary to perform the duties of this position.

  3. Drive LCM Box Truck each morning (currently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) to pick up all donations.  Normal pick up time at Walmart is at 8:00am.

  4. Pick up Natural Grocers' donation (Tuesday and Friday) and Dollar General (Tuesday) using the LCM Box truck or his/her personal vehicle, whichever is appropriate.

  5. Work with the Development Director to distribute food monthly to three Longview College Campuses. 

  6. Document all donations on the “Store Donation Pick-up Report” and ensure the submission of the report each week to East Texas Food Bank.

  7. Assist the Dir. of Food Services in determining the inventory level of various dry goods and identify those items that need to be ordered from ETFB on the next available truck.

  8. Purchase supplemental groceries from a local source when supplies are low. 

  9. Assist in the supervision of receiving of ETFB truck on 2nd and 4th Friday of each month and ensure adequate volunteers are available.

  10. Assist and or conduct annual training of Food Box volunteers and ensure appropriate training records are maintained for each volunteer.

  11. Occasionally supervise volunteer groups who come for Food Box tours and participation.

  12.  Be available to drive the LCM Box Truck to pick up large donations from various organizations conducting food drives. (This normally occurs in February and late Fall).

  13. Other duties and responsibilities as identified by the Dir. of Food Services or LCM Executive Director to maintain the smooth operation of the LCM Food Box as well as LCM’s fundraising events and programs


Physical & Environmental Conditions

Office space and work space in the Food Box are is both heated and cooled as appropriate for the work conditions.  The office(s) are equipped with proper computer, printer, fax, phone and administrative supplies necessary to properly perform the duties of this position.  Some local travel is required to pick up donations from retain partners and other donor locations.  Travel to Tyler or other locations for training may be necessary.  Considerable physical effort is involved in lifting cases of canned goods and re-arranging bags and boxes on the shelves.  This position requires the ability to lift, without assistance, a minimum of 50 lbs.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Training

Safe driving habits and the maintenance of a clean driving record is one of the most important components of this position.  Computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs is critical.  Good communication, organization and delegating skills are a must.  The ability to multi-task is essential for efficient operation of the Food Box.  This position requires a person who can remain calm in a crisis situation and under stressful conditions.  Because this position deals with all facets of the community, the individual in this position must be flexible and amenable to each individual’s needs.  Appreciation and acknowledgement of time devoted by the dedicated volunteers to LCM is essential.  Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all department managers at our retail donation sites is essential.   A commitment to feed needy clients without judgment of their life choices must be present at all times.

Inquiries and resumes can be submitted to Kristi Buckrell, Executive Director at

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