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We have a great time in our classes and would love to have you. We have wonderful instructors and hope you can find the right class for you.

Computer Lab

Instructors provide an introduction to the computer and basic computer skills such as keyboarding at no cost. In today's job market, many entry-level positions require some level of computer efficiency. LCM works with the East Texas Workforce Center to increase the skill level of those looking for work to meet the expectations of local employers.


Life Skills Classes

Some classes teach skills for those who need guidance on interviewing techniques, work-place social skills, and other aspects for success in the job enviroment.

Other classes teach decision-making processes; how to make decisions with the best long-term outcomes.

Introduction to Computers: This class is for the person with no or little computer experience. Students will learn how to turn on a computer, save a documents, use the mouse, cut & paste, as well as fill out a form online (such as a job form).

Health Living: This class is led by a nutrition expert from the Food Bank of East Texas. The class will discuss shopping tips, healthy habits, saving money & working to meet your own diet & exercise goals.

Money Management: This class covers basic budgeting, saving, and money management to meet their financial goals. Students receive free organizational and budgeting tools with class attendance, as well as a workbook to take home.

Saving on Utilities: this is a hands-on class learning inexpensive ways to cut the cost on utility bills and make our homes & rentals more energy efficient. We also discuss how your rights as a utility consumer and discuss payment options.

Job Skills: This is a basic job preparation class. Hour one covers the application, interview, and job research process. Our second hour covers preparing for an interview and on-the-job issues that are critical to keeping and succeeding on the job.

Open Computer Studio, Mondays and Thursdays, 9:30am-12:30pm: Clients work individually with some assistance given to meet their computer goals which may be improving typing skills, working on a resume, researching jobs, or learning how to navigate internet Word & Excel.

Intro to Internet/E-Mail Basics: We work on locating the information we want on the internet & set up email accounts for clients who want to learn how to send, read, and organize emails. Clients learn how to send emails with attachments and get driving directions from Google!

Time Management: Clients learn to identify the areas in life where time is wasted. Students leave with a road map to reach their stated goals and understand how to create healthy partnerships and plan ahead to afford stress and anxiety.

Media Literacy: Partners for Prevention sends Brenda Buck to teach this insightful class about how we are all consumers of advertising & marketing. In the class we examine advertising campaigns, identify target audiences and learn to separate fact from fiction in order to become savvy media consumers.

Smart Banking: Many of us are not familiar or comfortable putting our money into banks. However, learning how to choose the right bank for you can make all the difference. All banks charge different fees and provide a variety of services. Learn how to find the right bank for you and discover how creating a relationship with a bank can pay off down the road!

Strong Relationships: Carol Ibarra, from the Women's Center, joins us to lead conversations about relationships, social dynamics, and roles we play in social and professional relationships.


Please call ahead to reserve your free class*. Sorry, no childcare is available. All classes are in the mornings Monday-Friday.

*Only Open Computer Studio requires no reservation. For this class it is first come first serve until all 8 computers are filled. Clients may arrive and leave anytime between 9:30 - 12:30 on Mondays and Thursdays.

Learning Lab Needs...

  •  Instructors for new classes
  • Volunteers to assist clients with personal projects in Lab
  • Referrals of person to participate in classes
  • Donations of equipment and financial support.

Can YOU Help Us Grow?





Success Stories


Gloria: IHAP & Learning Lab, Longview Community Ministries

With only a 9th grade education, Ms. Gloria at age 48 is taking back the control of her life and she is a charming person with a past full of missteps, detours and lost time. Gloria is now making up for the lost time in her education.

Beginning in January, Gloria decided it was high time she learned a thing or two about computers and she set to mastering typing. Then, a month later, Gloria entered our IHAP program to assist with her financial restraints with housing. In June Gloria will complete the IHAP program after taking Time Management, Media Literacy, Money Management and Healthy Living. She has never missed or rescheduled a class. Whenever she comes to her class she also brings a church friend who during her class works separately on their typing skills too.

In the meantime, Gloria has also found a new part-time job at a nursing home. With her new computer skills, Gloria recently returned to the Learning Lab to write a new resume and cover letter in hopes of working at Beacon Hospice. As we hope for all our students, she has found great confidence, knowledge, and esteem that will open new doors for a lifetime of empowered success and she is taking others with her. We give thanks for the new technology in the Learning Lab and the continued financial support of IHAP that enables those like Gloria to turn a corner in their lives and find success.

Juanita - Learning Lab, Longview Community Ministries

For decades, Juanita worked in the office of a sales company. Her customer service was great. However, with the growing demand for new technology, because she did not know how to comfortably operate a computer she was repeatedly passed over for raises and promotions until she was let go when the company downsized.

When Juanita lost her job she knew her rent and family responsibilities meant she had to get back up. As Juanita began putting out her resume and interviewing for new positions, she was once again asked if she knew how to operate Word & Excel programs. At that time, she knew she needed to gain that training. Juanita also heard from a friend that LCM offered many free computer classes and found that we now have the class she needs.

Juanita loved the three hour class and is now committed to returning for our open Computer Studio hours to sharpen her skills. With these new skills we hope she will have the confidence and knowledge to get the job she needs.

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