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The Meals on Wheels program delivers hot, balanced meals to those who are primarily homebound, unable to cook for themselves and have no one available to help prepare meals.

The Longview Meals on Wheels program delivered its first meals in July 1982 to four recipients. Today more than 100 meals are delivered daily by volunteers. Within any month, there are over 300 volunteers who donate their time and transportation to the delivery of these meals.

How Does This Work?

The meals are prepared in the Meals on Wheels Kitchen in Tyler, Texas to meet all FDA food requirements. These meals are transported to First Christian Church in Longview where they are separated into nine routes. The volunteers pick up the meals at 10:00AM to be delivered to each home by 11:00AM, in time for lunch.

How Do I Volunteer?

Meals on Wheels DeliveryMeals on Wheels welcomes any and all volunteers who can not only deliver a welcomed meal but also a smiling face and loving heart.

How Do I Sign Up to Receive Meals on Wheels?

Meal recipients must be unable to prepare adequate meals for themselves, have no one available in the household to cook for them and live within the city limits of Longview. The recipient is asked to pay a small fee for meals. However, the fee is on a sliding scale which can be adjusted according to ability to pay. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it