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A Food Box deliveryEmergency groceries may be received once each month to Longview residents with the completion of an application form located in the waiting room of the LCM Service Center. Allotments of groceries will depend on the family size.

Food Supply Source

The Food Box depends on donations of food and money from individuals and organizations such as schools, churches, companies, and service groups.

Donations are supplemented with purchased food from the East Texas Food Bank and local grocery stores who work to help LCM with purchases at cost.

How Can I Help?

Make donations a part of your routine. Watch for sales of products needed by the Food Box and make regular contributions. Integrate donations of food into times of celebration such as "Souper Bowl Sunday." Sponsor a Food Drive in your neighborhood, place of employment, service organization, or any group.

The list of foods needed by the Food Box is attached for your convenience.

A Food Box volunteer giving out foodCollaborative Efforts

The Food Box regularly cooperates with other groups within Longview such as Martha's Kitchen, Stewpot (Newgate) and Highway 80 Rescue Mission. Residents of Longview should be proud that local agencies such as these work so well together to help people in need.

The Food Box participates in the Thanksgiving Food Drive to provide groceries to needy families.

To Receive Food

Any resident of Longview may receive emergency food once a month, by filling out the appropriate form at the Longview Community Ministries Office. The amount of food distributed is based upon the size of the family and need.

Transient Food Bags

Smaller quantities of ready-to-eat food are made available every two weeks.

Brown Bag Delivery

The Brown Bag Program delivers bags of groceries to homebound seniors and disabled individuals the third Saturday of each month. Applications for the Brown Bag delivery program are in the office of the LCM Community Coordinator.  Clients cannot access groceries from our food pantry in any other way.

Download this file (LCM Food Request List.doc)LCM Food Request List.doc[List of Foods Needed in the Food Box]242 Kb