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Longview Community Ministries has its origins with area church & community leaders.  These leaders had observed inconsistent resources and duplication of efforts in serving the needy in Longview.  LCM was incorporated on September 19, 1985 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation to serve the needs of Longview.  By working together to utilize volunteers, minimize administrative costs and avoid duplication of services, LCM could be more effective and efficient than the churches working independently.

Many needs of the community were identified and seed organizations founded through LCM to serve the identified needs.  Habitat for Humanity and Adult Literacy are just two of current, independent agencies with their roots in LCM.

When the State began a state-wide service for information and referral in 1995, LCM was chosen as the hub for Gregg County.  Eventually the Greater Longview United Way assumed that responsibility with the Infoline that is continued today.  LCM still answers countless calls on a daily basis and finds help for those in need either through LCM or other area agencies.

LCM continually assesses community needs and helps find solutions.  In 2005 the LCM Learning Lab was launched with the help of an Americorp Vista Grant. The purpose of the Learning Lab is to meet the needs of clients with basic information/instruction with technology training, job skills, and home management.  Once again, LCM saw an unmet need and addressed it proactively.

LCM is able to serve thousands of needy citizens with over 400 volunteers assisting in various programs such as Meals on Wheels, Service Center, Food Box, Coats for Kids, Learning Lab and many more community projects and programs.

With the help of over 40 area congregations and numerous other civic organizations, LCM continues the tradition set by the founding leaders of the effectiveness in community partnership to address the needy in our community.