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FamiliesCollage1The Family Crisis Service Center meets with each family who seeks assistance from Longview Community Ministries. Requests vary but include: food, rent, utilities, transportation, fans, medical assistance as well as free basic life and job skill training classes.

Volunteer interviewers identify families who would qualify for established community/state programs (i.e. sliding scale low/no cost health insurance for children, further nutritional guidance for women and children, parenting programs, etc...) and refer them to the appropriate agency for on-going assistance.

 Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • Proof of Longview residency
  • Valid photo identification
  • Social Security cards for all members of household
  • Proof of income for all members of househole over 18
  • Be able to answer questions regarding monthly income and expenses

Typical Requests for Assistance

Rental Assistance

Funding for emergency rental assistance is limited and available to families on a one time only basis who can provide proof of a Longview address and meet certain criteria. Families must have signed separate documentation (LCM will provide the correct form) indicating evidence of paying full market rent. If the family has not received emergency rental assistance within the last two years, they may be eligible for the Incremental Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) (click here for brochure). IHAP requires clients to attend one class per month for the duration of 4 months to qualify for increments of $200; $150; $100 and $50 per month toward rent.




Rent Verification Letter must be filled out BEFORE your INTERVIEW.  Please take the Rent Verification Letter to your property owner/landlord and return to LCM between

9:00 - 11:30am  Monday – Friday for an interview.

 Rent is available on a first come first served basis.

  • The following types of assistance are available:
    • Partial Emergency Rent - assistance with current month's rent
    • Partial Past Due Rent - assistance with previous month's rent
    • Partial First Month's Rent - assistance with rent at new residence
    1. Cannot assist with any deposits
    2. Must have applied, paid deposits and been accepted to move into residence
  • Must have a Longview address
  • Must not ever had Incremental Housing rent classes 
  • May not have rent amount adjusted due to income (City housing, HUD housing, Habitat Housing, Home Tax Credit Property or any type of subsidized rent) – must be paying “market rate” 
  • Must have the following in hand when you come for your appointment
  1. Completed Rent Verification letter
  2. Photo ID
  3. Social Security cards for all members of the household
  4. Proof of income (last pay stub or copy of SSI) for all adult members of household
  5. Must be able to answer questions regarding expenses

Please click the following link to download this information.


LCM offers financial assistance to help pay utilities for families in crisis.  These funds are available to those who have a bill within five days of the due date or disconnect or late payment status.   Utility assistance is provided with proof of payment for the remainder of bill.  Assistance may be for electricity ($100 max), water ($50 max), gas ($50 max) and spaced at least two months apart.  Utility assistance is limited to a maximum of 3 assists per utility, for a total of 9 utility assists in a lifetime.  The bill must be presented, and must be in the name of the person requesting the assistance.  Attendance of LCM’s financial management classes is required after the 2nd and 3rd utility assistance, in order to receive further financial assistance of any kind.


LCM may provide assistance for medication for an acute illness.  LCM is unable to assist with any prescriptions for pain, mood altering, or anxiety medications, whether or not it is a controlled substance/narcotic.  An approximate maximum of $80 per client with a minimum of two to three month intervals for services is required.  Attendance of LCM’s Medication Education class is required after a 2nd Rx assistance, in order receive continued Rx assistance.  Rx assistance may resume after completion of required class.

Dental assistance will be provided for extractions only.  Adults may receive one dental extraction every two years.

Medical screening referrals for uninsured individuals will be provided for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, asthma/COPD/bronchitis, obesity.


Any resident of Longview can receive emergency food once a month. There is a form to be filled out at the Longview Community Ministries Office to gather information so the correct amount of food is given; those with larger families need more.


Items such as steel toed boots, birth certificates, or other work related necessities may be provided with appropriate documentation from employers.  Transportation provided for documented out of town medical appointments.  Also, fans and heaters for elderly (65+) or disabled, and families with infants may be available every two years.  

Other Services Available

Meals on Wheels – hot meals delivered daily to elderly/disabled/shut-ins

Learning Lab – classes designed to help fight poverty and improve circumstances


Download this file (IHAP brochure revised 8 7 08-1.pdf)IHAP brochure revised 8 7 08-1.pdf[ ]496 Kb